C-Innovation wins contract for Bass Lite Flowline decommissioning project
Thursday, Jun 21, 2018
C-Innovation, LLC (C-I), an affiliate of Edison Chouest Offshore (ECO) and its family of companies, will play a key role in the Bass Lite Flowline decommissioning project for Apache Corporation.

C-Innovation will be responsible for flushing and preparing 60 miles of pipeline for decommissioning. The project, which is located in the Mississippi Canyon area of the Gulf of Mexico is expected to last approximately two weeks, will require two vessels with coiled tubing units and will be gas lifted using hot tap while flushing operations are executed.

“The project is complex and the timing will be critical as we manage the logistics of multiple vessels and ROVs along with partner Halliburton’s multiple coiled tubing units,” said David Sheetz, subsea manager, C-Innovation. “The ability to respond to Apache with a full solution reduces the cost to the client and also reduces the risks by dealing with a single subcontractor.”

For more information, please visit: https://c-innovation.com/

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