Construction and operation permit for Nord Stream 2 granted by Sweden
Monday, Jun 11, 2018
Nord Stream 2 AG has obtained the permit to construct and operate the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline in the Swedish Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). The permit for an approximately 510-kilometer section in the Swedish EEZ was granted by Sweden’s Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation, which is in charge of the application. The 1,230-kilometer-long Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline will transport natural gas from Russia to the European Union across the Baltic Sea.

“This is an important milestone for our project. We are pleased to have obtained the Swedish government’s approval to construct and operate Nord Stream 2,” said Lars O Gronstedt, Senior Advisor for Nord Stream 2. “We are now looking forward to continuing the productive cooperation and open dialogue with the Swedish authorities during the upcoming construction phase,” said Nicklas Andersson, Permitting Manager Sweden at Nord Stream 2. Seabed intervention works, such as the construction of rock berms and concrete mattresses for cable crossings, will commence within months, while pipelaying in the Swedish EEZ is scheduled to start later this year.

Nord Stream 2 AG is already in possession of all permits required for the construction and operation of the pipeline in Germany and Finland. The national permitting procedures in the two remaining countries along the route – Russia and Denmark – are proceeding as planned.

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